Sight Reading Music

Importance of Sight-Reading Music and Why Most Students Hate It

All music teachers stress on the importance of sight-reading music. Obviously they are talking from experienced but then very few students actually like it or are dedicated enough to learn it.

And why is that so?

Because most students want to rush their learning process and want to play the piano in the shortest possible time. Best of all, they even think that is possible may be because they have heard somewhere that many pianists have learnt to play piano, guitar or other music instruments by ear.

But then why is music sight-reading important? Here are some of the important benefits.

It is common knowledge that sight reading is a great way to acquire knowledge about new pieces of music and increase one’s piano performance skills. But most students are not patient enough to learn this art.

One of the reasons that it is not popular with students is because it is not taught and practiced systematically. And with limited practice most of the times we tend to avoid sight-reading.

But there is no denying that music sight-reading has tremendous benefits and makes you into a well rounded musician.

And what level of skill is good to aim for?

You can get as good as learning to read first time. That is keeping your eyes on the music, you should be able to find everything by touching the keys, and your ears should tell you whether you have played the notes correctly.

So that sentence itself explains the several advantages of sight-reading music. Your ears become better at recognising notes. You can quickly learn new music related materials and sheet music.

Besides, increasing your chances of employment as a trained music teacher!

Doesn't it seem well worth the effort?

But most students on the contrary wish to escape learning to read music by giving excuses like learning to play piano by ear is much simpler and faster.

May be yes, if you just want it to be a hobby.

But if you are serious about learning music, several advantages have been highlighted here. So get started with sight reading music today.

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