Piano Scales

How to Learn Piano Scales?

Heard about piano scales? If you have recently started learning to play the piano, chances are that you may have not encountered them yet but you may definitely have heard it from your teacher or from other students.

So what are music scales?

Simply put, they are organized series of notes in some sequence. And that sequence identifies what scale is it. Different scales will create a different feeling of sound.

So how many types of scales are there?

Several, but to begin with let’s say you concentrate just on the major and minor scales.

The final aim always should be to play any scale with both the hands together, and you should be able to play it at least over two octaves, both ascending as well as and descending at decent speed.

And how do you learn to play Piano Scales?

  • As usual, practice playing very slowly and carefully
  • Keep repeating till you get a hang of how it is to be played
  • Start learning with one hand at a time
  • As mentioned before play slowly

Remember most students try to rush over the boring or the difficult sections

Once you are through all these things try to play simple tunes based on different scales.

That’s it. Now you can start practicing.

As mentioned before, focus on learning all the major and minor music scales to begin with.

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