Piano Notes

Learn the Basic Piano Notes Right Here

Why do you want to wait for you teacher to tell you the basic Piano notes. You can familiarise yourself with them right here.

Get started right here with the basic music notes on piano.

The seven letters of the alphabet used to identify the music notes include:
A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

That is correct, there are only seven white ones and five black ones; and they just repeat over and over again.

The keyboard is made up of white keys with repeating patterns of black keys in groups of two and three.

If you look at the group of two black keys, you will find that the note C will always be to the left of the two black keys.

Easy way to remember!

Another important and easy to remember note is the F, which will always be to the left of the three black keys.

Though it is easy to remember the pattern the fact is that to play a song properly you will need to be able to find the combinations of notes quickly.

Every key on the keyboard has a particular tone or pitch, depending on which octave it belongs. And even on the music staff it has to be put at a particular location, either on a line or space.

This is it then!

You have learnt the basic Piano Notes right here.

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