Piano Lessons

What is the Best Way to take Piano Lessons?

Once you have decided to take piano lessons, it is important to know what mode of instruction you like.

Whether you like to be taught buy a personal teacher or in a group or from the comfort of your own house?

So what are the more common means of imparting piano lessons?

Private Piano Lessons
This is the best way and a bit expensive considering you learn one to one with the teacher. Here the teacher does the demonstrations on the piano.

The advantages are that the teacher watches the student's hands, posture, the way it is being played, etc.
The disadvantage is that you may have to travel far to get a good teacher and if the teacher visits you, it can be expensive.

Group Piano Lessons
Group piano lessons are always less expensive compared to one-on-ones or private piano lessons. But then the drawback is that as a student you will not get full attention. It is not possible for a teacher to give complete attention to so many students at a time.

But the good thing is that it is fun to learn with others and you will form some good musical friends.

Piano Learning Software
With piano learning software, it is possible to learn on your own, which suits many students especially adults. These contain several videos and are interactive that makes learning easier.

The only disadvantage here is that you need to be motivated to push yourself to sit down and practice and you may also waste a lot of time getting distracted with other activities when learning on your own.

Tracking Progress
It is very important to get personal feedback when you are learning irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist. Having a teacher that guides you and helps you to polish your skills is very important.

Here, a personal teacher will be best suited but group lessons and piano lesson software are good alternatives in case you are short on time and budget

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