Piano Chords

How to Learn Piano Chords?

Heard about piano chords? I am sure you would have heard about chords if you have some liking towards music.
And if you have recently started learning to play the piano, you may have already learnt a few of them.

So what are music chords?

They are basically a group of notes that are played together to create a harmonic sound. It sounds good when you play a group of notes together that are at specific distances from each other.

How many notes are played as part of a chord?

Technically speaking there is no limitation but the more popular ones include triads (three note chords) and four note chords.
In the triads, again the more common ones are the major and minor piano chords, though you have diminished and augmented piano chords as well.

Again, you aim should be to learn as many chords as possible. To begin with at-least learn the major, minor and seventh chords in scales like C, F, G, Eb, Bb. Most of the songs are based on these music scales.

And how do you learn to play piano chords?

Unlike scales, chords are much easier to play so it should not be difficult. It is just that you have different types of chords that you will have to learn, which will need some time to get acquainted with.

As usual, practice is the key here.

As mentioned start using them in the songs that are based on easy to play piano scales!
So get started with learning to play the major, minor, seventh, ninth, augmented, and diminished piano chords.

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