Music Theory for Learning to Play the Guitar

A common question that most beginners, interested in learning to play the guitar, is whether knowledge of Music Theory is required to play the guitar.

Music theory is a very broad topic, and you definitely need to learn it, although not everything at one go. However, if you just intend to learn the basic notes and a few chords, and think that's all is needed to play the guitar, you probably may not go far with your learning.

Its best to have an attitude of wanting to learn more, as a beginner, you should be always ready for the chance of learning new stuff.

And though theory is important, its also important to be able to play by ear. It's great to be able to read music, but to be able to play a song without any tabs or sheet music is a great way to develop critical listening skills & also develop your own unique playing style.

When learning music theory, remember not to learn it in isolation. If you're learning a new scale, chord, interval, remember to apply it to something musical so that you know how to apply it when playing a song. You can even improvise melodies with a scale, play a riff you already know and add these bits of music theory to make it more fun and also improve your learning.

All these will definitely help you to become a better guitar player.