Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard Lessons - How Different is it From Piano Lessons

So did it come across your mind that how does keyboard lessons differ from Piano Lessons and vice versa?

Is it that one is better than the other?

Is it that if you learn keyboard lessons, then you will not be able to play piano and vice versa?

For all practical purposes, as a beginner, you can assume that they are all the same. The difference comes into picture later on when you have learnt for a few months or may be a couple of years.

Essentially, Keyboard lessons are effectively piano lessons that are taught on a music keyboard.

Most students start learning on a electronic keyboard instead of an acoustic piano, because of price factors and also because it is easier to learn initially with the lighter keys. Adjusting to the proper piano keys later on should not be much of a problem.

Since most keyboards have several sounds and rhythm, some keyboard books teach you how to play like a one man band. So you will have to learn to use your left hand to do various things while playing and probably using your right hand mostly.

Proper piano lessons on the other hand may involve just using the piano sound and using both your hands.

You can begin on any instrument, keyboard or piano and take a call after a few months of playing as to you really need a proper piano. Till then you can buy a keyboard and take keyboard lessons.

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