How to Learn to Read Music for Piano / Guitar

How to Learn to Read Music for Piano / Guitar

Assuming you are convinced with the benefits of learning to read music, what is the best way on how to learn to read music for Piano / Guitar?
The best way is to break it down to small levels. It is just like doing any difficult task. You break into down into smaller manageable pieces and then join them all together.

You may have heard this before but here is a slight deviation once you have broken down the piece of music into smaller sections.
Similarly pick up your favourite sheet music and break it down into small pieces, say two bars in length. Now, even before you attempt those two bars, it is important to get a feel of the piece. Look at the bass clef if it has any and try to get a feel of the beat, without playing anything. Next look at the treble clef and see if you can hum the melody.

I know it sounds difficult but if at all you are beginning, it is best that you start this way so that you can derive the maximum benefit out of your music reading efforts. Learning to read music for piano / guitar is important but it is important that you do it systematically.
The first time you do it, you will definitely struggle but as with everything else related to learning music, be it the piano or the guitar or any other instrument, you need to get used to sight reading. And the more you practice learning to read music, the better you become.
If you find the task very difficult initially, use easier sheet music and shorter bars or sections. If the exercise is a piece of cake, make it harder and choose challenging pieces of music.

Do not limit yourself if you are showing signs of improvement. With sustained and structured practice efforts, you will be surprised how much better you can get at learn to read music for piano.

Needless to say Regular Practice definitely helps if you want to learn to read music for piano, guitar or any other music instrument.

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