Ear Training

Ear Training - Essential for Pianists & Other Musicians

Music as a performing art has to sound pleasing to the ears. So ear training becomes very important for pianists, guitarists & every other Musician. It is one of the several areas which need to be improved if you want to become good as a musician.

Sure, there are other areas as well which needs to be improved like piano technique, building repertoire and sight reading. But training your ear is equally important; you can improve a lot with better ear training.

We all like to go in our comfort zone whenever possible so if we learn a few songs, we will be the happiest to play them over and over again. Usually there is a reluctance to try things which are new or which have to be learnt from scratch.

If you like sight-reading and playing classical pieces you will do that only. If you like improvising and love to play jazz it will be difficult to make you sight-read or play in another style of music. If you like playing movie songs, you will most likely do just that.

So keep that in mind and have regular ear training exercises in your practice routine, and if need be get a good ear training software program. Actually, it might be easier to do ear training as most students want to play piano by ear thinking that it is the short cut to learning to play the piano, so it should not be difficult to convince students to train their ears.

A good pair of ears is crucial and by proper training you can definitely train your ears to be much better at recognising music notes, chords, intervals, and chord progressions.

With regular practice, a lot of students become good at Relative Pitch whereas very few get good at Perfect Pitch. Don’t worry too much if you think you do not have perfect pitch, you can still play the piano, guitar or any other music instrument to a high degree of proficiency even without perfect pitch. You can buy a good ear training software program is you are really serious about improving your play by ear skills.

The important things is do regular ear training exercises as part of your practice session, it’s a must for Pianists & other musicians.

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